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An irrigation system design is based on several factors that must be considered such as determining the demand for water to be delivered by the irrigation system during the growth stages of the crop, analyzing the topography and soil conditions, the source of the water and its capacity, and the resources to operate the irrigation system.

Texas International Irrigation stands out amongst the competition by offering a comprehensive triple-design solution for their customers’ needs.

Triple Design

By using historical climatological databases and taking into account soil conditions and specific crop characteristics, TII calculates the required water needed to meet the demand for each growth stage of any specific crop.

Using software and topographic information, an optimal irrigation system is designed to meet the specific needs of the crop, its environment and the grower’s budget.

Detailed hydraulic designs are TII´s specialty. By calculating the head loss, we optimize the selection of the pumping unit, from which we then choose the proper pipe diameters, and pressure rate needed to generate the highest efficiency of the system to maximize profitability.

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