At TII we work under the concept of sustainable development,

by integrating ecological, economic, and social elements in search of greater water, energy, and economic efficiency in the development of agricultural projects.

Irrigation Systems

Texas International Irrigation uses the highest quality and durable brands in the industry.

Turnkey Solutions

TII designs and engineers tailored irrigation system solutions for any specific need from start to finish.

Spare Parts

We offer genuine parts of the best quality so that your irrigation system continues to function properly year after year.


Distributing irrigation systems since 1976 and established as Texas International Irrigation, Inc. since 1988, TII offers solutions to its customers through irrigation systems based on CAD designs that allow us to adapt cutting-edge technology to meet their needs.

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If you need irrigation solution, we are here to help

We provide solutions for sustainable progress. Our professional team works to increase productivity and cost effectiveness on the market.


Drip systems are the most efficient methods of irrigation in applying water directly to the root zone of the crop and reducing waste.

TII Pivots

Mechanized irrigation is a reduced energy, labor saving, highly uniform water application method for irrigating crops.

TII Travelers

Texas International Irrigation is a pioneer in the development of high-yield self-propelled traveler irrigation systems throughout the Mexican market.

TII Micro Sprinklers

Micro-sprinkler irrigation is a low pressure, low to medium volume irrigation system suitable for high value crops such as orchards, vineyards, berries, and flowers.

TII Solid-Set

TII flagship system, the Solid Set has the lowest operating cost compared to other irrigation systems.

TII Engineering

Texas International Irrigation offers water management solutions for other markets.


Working with TII has been great. They have great customer service and have helped me produce more tons per hectare.
Mike Smith
I have been working with Texas International Irrigation since 2011. They have been our sole source for all our irrigation needs both in the greenhouses and our outside trees. TII has been a tremendous company to work with. Whenever we come to them with a need, they research and develop solutions that are both cost efficient and high quality. Whenever we have a problem, they are immediately there to help. I would strongly recommend TII to anyone looking for high-quality, cost efficient solutions to their irrigation needs.
Mark VanNess
Texas Citrus Budwood Certification Program
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