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Travelers Irrigation Systems


The traveler irrigation system consists of a hose reel machine that continuously reels in a sprinkler gun cart down selected travel lanes. The traveler is capable of irrigating regular and irregular shaped fields with distances as long as 1/2 mile (750 meters). Travelers are capable of high uniformity water application when the proper sprinkler flow rate, operating pressure, and travel lane spacing are selected.

Texas International Irrigation is a pioneer in the development of high-yield self- propelled traveler irrigation systems throughout the Mexican market. Over the years, our solutions have evolved in the search for high efficiency conditions, with a design-criteria always based on low pressure operation. For decades, TII, has relied on Idrofoglia travelers for all of their traveler irrigation systems. Idrofoglia, the leading manufacturer in the market for travelers, provides us with the technical advantage we search for that enables us to design the most precise solutions for each field and crop to be irrigated.

Benefits of Travelers

Travelers have several benefits such as:


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